• Question: how hard is it to become a scientist

    Asked by JamesC on 27 Feb 2021.
    • Photo: Philip Ratcliffe

      Philip Ratcliffe answered on 27 Feb 2021:

      Very! Very very hard! But that’s why we do it: we want the challenge, but a real challenge, something to get hooked on, something that keeps you on your toes… Something you can’t always solve; failure isn’t a problem for us: you win some , you lose some, but you always, always have fun …

    • Photo: Amal Lavender

      Amal Lavender answered on 4 Mar 2021:

      Ooh interesting – I see it differently to Philip – anything you do is as hard or easy as you make it/ the effort you put in. Science is so broad and there are soooo many jobs under the title ‘scientist.’

      I don’t know anything that doesn’t have a positive and negative side to it. I think if you love doing something you don’t see it as hard but challenging or frustrating esp if it goes wrong. However, equally, I think the easiest way to learn is when something goes wrong.
      But I agree with Philip that its key to remember you can’t win/ have everything go right – as that’s just not life/ you’re not pushing the boundaries if it never goes wrong.