• Question: Do you think NASA will find any life on Mars

    Asked by Lewis to Philip, Moya on 24 Feb 2021.
    • Photo: Moya Macdonald

      Moya Macdonald answered on 24 Feb 2021:

      Hi Lewis! Interesting question. Most life needs liquid water, which there isn’t on the surface of Mars because its way too cold. They think that in the past there probably was liquid water – so there may have been some bacteria or similar “simple” life on Mars in the past. They might find life on Mars in the present day – you never know! But I think it’s more likely that they’ll find evidence that stuff lived on Mars millions of years ago.

    • Photo: Philip Ratcliffe

      Philip Ratcliffe answered on 24 Feb 2021:

      Not an easy question to answer in all honesty. I would tend to say no, the conditions there now are not at all suitable. Of course though, there could always be some different form of life that we don’t know of and that can live in such a hostile climate.