• Question: do u regret doing science

    Asked by noneyourbusiness on 27 Feb 2021.
    • Photo: Philip Ratcliffe

      Philip Ratcliffe answered on 27 Feb 2021:

      Why should I? I’ve always enjoyed it and I couldn’t have done anything else as well I did this (except maybe playing rugby). So what is there to regret? I could have easily made more money doing something different, but what’s the point if you don’t enjoy what you do?

    • Photo: Amal Lavender

      Amal Lavender answered on 4 Mar 2021:

      Hi – fundamentally I have always gone through life not regretting decisions I’ve made – I’ve definitely taken learnings and had to make changes.
      Science is such a broad subject that gives you transferrable skills for life as well as work that will help you always. So definitely never regretted doing science and I don’t know anyone that has ever said they wished they had done a different subject if it helps?