🏆 The Purple Zone Winner is… Amelia Gilio!

Thanks to all the students, scientists and teachers that have taken part in the Purple Zone!

It has been a fab 4 weeks. We hope you’ve enjoyed it – and we hope you’ve learnt something about what it’s like being a scientist.

There have been some excellent questions asked by students. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Throughout the Zone students have been voting for their favourite scientist. That scientist will win a £500 prize to spend on more science engagement.

We are pleased to announce that the winner is…

🏆 Amelia Gilio 🥇

Photo of Amelia Gilio
🎊 Congratulations! 🥳

Though the Zone has come to an end, you can view it at any time, to look back at the scientists’ profiles, and see the answers they gave.

We hope you’ll carry on being curious – and keep asking questions!

Thanks so much for taking part.

modtom and the Purple Zone team

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